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Well, this is the basic old homepage for people interested in using my homebrew database. It's a simple application to keep track of recipes, with a brewing journal and a calculator for determining alchohol content. Take a look at some of the screenshots below to see if this is for you.

If you want to see pictures of my beer, click here.

This is the whole interface.

You can indicate style of beer and brewing method

It has a handy alchohol calculator that will determine alc. content by both weight and volume based on your specific gravity readings.

Enter your grain bill, and the database will automatically determine color, gravity and other details.

The database will display the BJCP style guidelines for your selected style, so you can compare if your recipe measures up!

A handy navigation bar will take you through your recipes, or allow you to search for specific items. You can also print your recipes for easy brewing!

For the über-beer-geek: a brew pot volume to calculator to tell you just how much space your brew will take up in your pot!

Special thanks to Drew Avis for the use of his brewing database. Many of the features that have been incorporated here are the results of his labor. I could not have done it without him.

Check out his site, and buy a copy of his wonderful brewing software, Strangebrew, which handles so much more info.


Click Here to download a run-time application for Mac!
Click Here to download a run-time application for Windows!

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